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The ARC will meet on Monday, December 11, 2023, 6:30 P.M.
at our community pool. All residents are welcome to attend. There
will be an open forum for ARC related questions. 

Installing A New Roof
Any homeowner who is going to install a new roof needs to fill
out an ARC form and include the following information: the type 
and color of shingle you are going to install, {driftwood and weathered wood
are the only two acceptable colors}, refer to the CC&R's for specs 
for shingles, only shingle is permitted, a picture of the shingle
that will be used with a description of the type it is, a copy of the roofer's 
liability insurance and license, a site survey, picture or diagram of
of the roof would be helpful and a $25.00 administration fee made out to


At present no meeting is scheduled.


All residents should be aware of the community parking policies.  These policies exist to protect residents and permit access for emergency, postal, and delivery vehicles.  Recently, cars and trash cans have been restricting access to mail boxes.  This is significant because, should it continue to be an issue, the Postmaster could direct the community to remove streetside boxes and emplace community "Cluster" mailboxes somewhere near the community entrance...such as the playground.  
The following are the current Parking Rules for the PSW community.  Be a good neighbor and obey the rules....ESPECIALLY, DO NOT PARK OR PLACE TRASH CANS WITHIN 10 FEET OF A MAILBOX. 

1. No parking within 30 feet on either side of inside curves

2. No parking within 30 feet of stop sign

3. No parking within 15 feet of either side of fire hydrant

4. Extended parking is defined as any vehicle parked for more than one (1) week without leaving Parkside West.

5. Homeowners will have no more than 48hours to load/unload their recreational vehicles without written board approval. Guests are not permitted to park any recreational vehicle in Parkside West

6. No trailers of any kind may be parked in the community either attached to a pickup truck or not. No commercial vehicle larger than a pickup truck is permitted to be parked in the community except for the express purpose of making a delivery, moving, making repairs or service calls to homeowners.
7. No parking within 10 feet either side of mailboxes during delivery hours of 9AM to 6PM

8. No parking on the short strip of grass between sidewalk and street

9. No inoperable or unregistered vehicles are permitted to be parked on the street or in the driveways

10. The HOA requests residents park as many cars in their driveways as possible prior to street parking.

11. The HOA urges residents to not park directly opposite of another car, if possible

12. Towing of cars in violation of these polices is in effect and towing will be done at the owner’s expense. No car, truck, RV, camper or trailer will be towed without the approval of the Board of Directors

13.  Policy numbers 1, 2, and 3, above have curbs painted yellow designating
         NO PARKING areas


Snowbirds and seasonal residents may close/install hurricane
shutters on the side and rear of the home when they leave the 
community in the SpringFront window shutters may be
closed/installed within five (5) days of a named

storm. Year-round residents can close/install their hurricane shutters
within five (5) days of a named storm. Year-round residents must
remove all their shutters within two (2) weeks after the storm passes.
Snowbirds must 
have the front of their home shutters removed within
two (2) weeks after 
the storm passes.

Snowbirds and seasonal residents must contact Beth Conner through Omega Community Management to inform them that they are leaving and closing/installing their hurricane shutters. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

PSW HOA Assessment Coupon Book Error:  An error in our HOA assessment coupon book has been identified. The serial number and the unit number are the same. This becomes an issue if a resident tries to pay online.  Omega confirmed this today.  When paying online residents need to add two zeros before the serial number in their books.              Example serial number:   0012345...Unit number 12345.

1st quarter assessment of $326.00 is due on January 1, 2024   
PSW HOA ASSESSMENTS FOR 2024 will be raised $29.00 a quarter.

Any homeowner who is having difficulty making their assessment payments needs to contact the HOA through Omega Property Management. The HOA will set up a payment plan that makes sense for the homeowner and the HOA. Don't delay until the amount owed becomes overwhelming. Penalties. interest and attorney fees add up in a hurry. Once the assessments are overdue, it is the policy of the HOA not to forgive penalties or interest. All attorney fees will be paid by the homeowner as mandated by our CC&R's and cannot be waived.

The PSW Community Pool is OPEN
  7AM to 8PM.   

PSW is fortunate to have an excellent pool available for the enjoyment of the entire community.  HOA dues pay for the operation, maintenance,  and repair of this is facility...but keeping it the beautiful place for our families and friends to gather is every resident's responsibility.  Some recent activities, however, by individuals using the pool, have been potentially damaging to the facility.   To protect the community's investment the pool area is covered, 24 hours a day, by cameras.  The activity by those individuals was observed and recorded.  The damage, this time, was corrected without approaching the responsible parties.  However, residents are responsible for unsupervised children and their guests.  Future damages or dangerous actions WILL result in the BOD taking action to protect community property.

Pool parties are permitted with the understanding that all other residents of PSW can use the pool during your party. The number of guests should be limited to 25 or less in order to allow other residents to safely use the pool. The residents organizing the party are responsible for the conduct of their guests and any damage that might be incurred as a result of their party. It is the organizers of the party responsibility to totally clean up after their party. Under no circumstances are glass containers or beverages containing alcohol of any kind permitted at the pool or cabana.


PSW Pool

Residents wishing to paint their home normally select colors from the approved list, submit to the ARC, and paint sample swatches on the home for approval.  Paint samples have now become difficult, if not impossible, to find.  Therefore, any resident wishing to paint their home should contact the ARC Chairman, Al Bilotti, PRIOR to taking any action regarding paint.  Al may be reached at:  1948 Snapdragon Dr NW  Tel: (321) 914-3422  (M-F) 11AM - 4PM.  DO NOT PURCHASE PAINT OR APPLY TO THE HOME BEFORE CONTACTING AL.

Architectural Review Applications shall no longer be submitted to the Property Manager.  ALL ARC Applications should be submitted DIRECTLY to the ARC chairperson, Al Bilotti.  Forms and Addresses are provided in  the DOCUMENTS and CONTACTS sections of the WebSite.
A $25 Administrative Fee MUST be submitted with each ARC Application.  


Republic Services manages trash collection. If you have questions regarding services, contact them at:  321-989-6030.
 Our trash collection schedule is:
               MONDAY and THURSDAY for trash collection
               MONDAY for yard waste/bulk collection
               WEDNESDAY for recycling collection
Place carts at the curb by 5AM on collection day.

Trash cans should be placed at curbside no earlier than sunset the evening before pickup and removed no later than sunset the day of pickup.





Beth Conner (LCAM)

Omega Community Management

7145 Turner Rd, Suite 101

Rockledge, FL 32955

Business:  321-757-7902

Fax:            321-757-7903


Web Site:


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