NEW PSW Parking Policy:
After extensive review, the Board adopted the below listed Parking Rules for the PSW community.  

1. No parking within 30 feet on either side of inside curves

2. No parking within 30 feet of stop sign

3. No parking within 15 feet of either side of fire hydrant

4. Extended parking will be defined as any vehicle parked for more than one (1) week without leaving Parkside West.

5. Homeowners will have no more than 48hours to load/unload their recreational vehicles without written board approval. Guests are not permitted to park any recreational vehicle in Parkside West

6. No trailers of any kind can be parked in the community either attached to a pickup truck or not. No commercial vehicle larger than a pickup truck will be permitted to be parked in the community except for the express purpose of making a delivery, moving, making repairs or service calls to homeowners.
7. No parking within 10 feet either side of mailboxes during delivery hours of 9AM to 6PM

8. No parking on the short strip of grass between sidewalk and street

9. No inoperable or unregistered vehicles will be permitted to be parked on the street or in the driveways

10. The HOA requests residents park as many cars in their driveways as possible prior to street parking.

11. The HOA urges residents to not park directly opposite of another car, if possible

12. The towing of cars in violation of these polices will be implemented and towing will be done at the owner’s expense. No car, truck, RV, camper or trailer will be towed without the approval of the Board of Directors

13 .Policy numbers 1, 2, and 3, above, will have curbs painted yellow designating
         NO PARKING areas

PSW HOA Assessments:
4rd Quarter 2021 Assessments are NOW PAST DUE
Dues for the 2021 year increased  from $276/Qtr to $284/Qtr.  

ARC Applications:
 Architectural Review Applications will no longer be submitted to the Property Manager.  As of 8 JUNE 2021, ALL ARC Applications should be submitted DIRECTLY to the ARC.  Forms and Addresses are provided in  the DOCUMENTS and CONTACTS sections of the WebSite.
A $25 Administrative Fee MUST be submitted with each ARC Application.  

Trash Collection:

Republic Services now manages trash collection. If you have questions regarding services, contact them at:  321-989-6030.
Our trash collection schedule is:
               MONDAY and THURSDAY for trash collection
               MONDAY for yard waste/bulk collection
               WEDNESDAY for recycling collection
Place carts at the curb by 5AM on collection day.

Trash cans should be placed at curbside no earlier than sunset the evening before pickup and removed no later than sunset the say of pickup.




PSW's Property Management company is Campbell Property Management.  They are located at 525 NW Lake Whitney Place, Suite 202, Port St Lucie, FL 34986.  

To better serve the community, Campbell Property Management assigned a representative to manage our community business on a daily basis.  That representative is:  Peggy Greene

Peggy Greene

Campbell Property Management

525 NW Lake Whitney Place, Suite 202

Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Phone: 772-218-5405

Fax:      561-277-2481


PSW Pool

Pool Hours: 

The PSW Community Pool is OPEN  6AM to 9PM.

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